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Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights (CCIDESOR) is a registered non-profit, non governmental, non-partisan, non ethnic and non–religious organization established to facilitate the attainment of social freedom, Human Rights,  good governance and sustainable grassroots development in Nigeria. It is established to promote development integration.  Our core programming areas are democracy reforms, economic literacy for poverty eradication, free and quality basic education advocacy, Housing Rights, and environmental education, as well as advocacy for fundamental freedoms and Human Rights.

We seek a balanced and integrated economic and social development approach by government that guarantees, especially the marginalized and vulnerable groups, their basic human needs for improved standard of living and security. It is the provision of basic needs that determines the attainment of millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  Our cross cutting programme areas are poverty alleviation, gender and community health advocacy.  

We have a group of highly skilled and passionately committed professional from diverse background and operating from different parts of Nigeria and abroad. We are deeply acquainted with the severity of Nigeria’s development and democracy challenges with a strong believe in development integration through citizen centered approach that is participatory and sustainable.      

CCIDESOR through its core professionals and volunteers facilitate rapid organizational development of young CBOs, Media groups, CBAs, NGOs and Occupational/artisanal groups by filling the gaps resulting from shortage of personnel and operational capacity. This enables new organizations with similar or related vision to generate required resources to deliver on their vision as well as contribute to a better society.

We strongly believe in development integration as the key to sustainable development, social freedom and citizens’ empowerment.

CCIDESOR is regional platform for diverse professionals, corporate as well as successful citizens and social crusaders to contribute to the development of their immediate communities through their wealth of experience, professional skills and other resources.  We target hard to reach communities and vulnerable groups with special attention to education, agriculture, energy, housing, environment, public finance and socio-economic rights.

We help both communities and government to see the different sides of key development efforts as well as help them to ensure that basic needs of citizens are met through good governance and elimination of illiteracy.



We work with clearly defined programs, strategies, resources and expected result. We ensure that all stakeholders input reflect in what we want to do (objective), how we want to do it (strategy), when we want  to do it (timeframe)  as well as the determination of realizable  result (expected output).  This is our first approach to community ownership of project and sustainability.


We respect the poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups to build confidence and develop mutual trust and motivation.  We protect the poor by looking at policy and program implication on them as well as help them to raise their marginalized voices. We also empower them to work with us or work separately towards the elimination of their obstacles to economic and social progress in a sustained manner.


Before we engage in any capacity building, we first acknowledge and appreciate the existing capacity that exits with the community. These include identification and appreciation of organizations capacity and other previous progress. We acknowledge the works, efforts or ideas of our partners in the collaboration or partnership effort. We appreciate the previous method used and draw from it to develop new methods that can instigate maximum and sustainable results.


We encourage new ways of solving economic or social challenges – development integration. We introduce new approaches and strategies that will maximize output sustainably. We also share new knowledge or innovation in our area of collaboration as well as other areas that are of interest to the development of the community. We learn from the partners and the partners learn from us


As we work with our hard to reach partners and share knowledge as well as skill, we empower each other to develop a more efficient method of addressing challenges. While partnering, we ensure that each partner leaves a positive mark on the others. 

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