Our Values, Aims & Objectives

Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights (CCIDESOR) is regional platform for diverse professionals, corporate as well as successful citizens and social crusaders to contribute to the development of their immediate communities through their wealth of experience, professional skills and other resources.

Our values:

  • Honesty and clarity of purpose.
  • Respect, protect and work with the poor, marginalized and vulnerable
  • Appreciate  the capacity of others
  • Innovation and spreading new knowledge
  • Empowering partnership 

Honesty and clarity of purpose 

We work with clearly defined programs, strategies, resources and expected result. We ensure that all stakeholders input reflect in what we want to do (objective), how we want to do it (strategy), when we want  to do it (timeframe)  as well as the determination of realizable  result (expected output).  This is our first approach to community ownership of project and sustainability.

Respect, protect and work with the poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups

We respect the poor, marginalized and vulnerable groups to build confidence and develop mutual trust and motivation.  We protect the poor by looking at policy and program implication on them as well as help them to raise their marginalized voices. We also empower them to work with us or work separately towards the elimination of their obstacles to economic and social progress in a sustained manner.

Appreciate the capacity of others

Before we engage in any capacity building, we first acknowledge and appreciate the existing capacity that exits with the community. These include identification and appreciation of organizations capacity and other previous progress. We acknowledge the works, efforts or ideas of our partners in the collaboration or partnership effort. We appreciate the previous method used and draw from it to develop new methods that can instigate maximum and sustainable results.

Innovation and spreading new knowledge

 We encourage new ways of solving economic or social challenges – development integration. We introduce new approaches and strategies that will maximize output sustainably. We also share new knowledge or innovation in our area of collaboration as well as other areas that are of interest to the development of the community. We learn from the partners and the partners learn from us

Empowering partnership

As we work with our hard to reach partners and share knowledge as well as skill, we empower each other to develop a more efficient method of addressing challenges. While partnering, we ensure that each partner leaves a positive mark on the others.  

New Approaches being popularized by CCIDESOR

As a group of highly experienced and passionately committed professionals, we are sufficiently knowledgeable in the use of result oriented new approaches and cost effective strategies to community and citizens sustainable development.  In addition to the conventional empowerment approaches like training, workshops, advocacy and conferences, we have developed new appraoch to social change.  

CCIDESOR’s new approaches include:

  • Democracy Governance clinics which is aimed at rooting democracy in the communities and promoting internal democracy, good governance among community groups, associations and clubs. It involves democracy immersion, anti-corruption crusade in the communities, families and associations.
  • Economic Literacy and budget education: This is aimed at promoting sound economic knowledge at the grassroots, particularly in communities that host large extractive activities. This is to enable them understand the economy effectively so as to promote good governance and sustainable rural development
  • School to skill program is a unique approach that enables school pupils to acquire both quality education and special technical skills at the same time. This is aimed at promoting skills acquisition by the youths and elimination of poverty and unemployment among the youths.
  • Energy advocacy and Community Network.  Through collection of data and analysis we advocacte against key issues that can encumber the reform of energy sector in Nigeria and provision of avodable and sustainable energy to communities. We also create community awareness of sustainable use of energy and avoidance of waste at both demand and supply ends.
  • Access to justice and reduction of armed violence. This is a new approach that is targeting occupational groups, town unions, community based associations, community artisans, traditional and religious groups. These groups are trained and taken through the process of citizen’s strategic plan to deal with all access to justice and armed violence issues that takes away the rights of citizens.

Our Key Objectives:

  • To promote economic and budget literacy among artisanal, vulnerable, media and occupational groups for poverty and corruption eradication.
  • To promote free quality basic education for all as a tool for societal / individual development and poverty eradication
  • To promote democracy education and good governance through occupational groups, town/village unions, associations and cultural organizations.
  • To advocate for the provision and access to basic human needs to all citizens Particularly energy – electricity, kerosene and others that have formed the basic needs of rural communities and dwellers
  • To promote community volunteer effort to development and security
  • To advocate for poverty eradication
  • To promote integrated economic and social progress


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