Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights is a membership organization. Our members are core professional volunteers from diverse field. They include lawyers, doctors, public health workers, journalists, engineers, surveyors, accountants, economists, bankers, agriculturists, academics, cultural experts, Human Rights Activists among others with inherited cultural skills.  

The professional membership of CCIDESOR is a gateway to reaching the communities and providing support without creating additional challenges for them.   

 We have the following classes of members:

Category A

Professional member: Those who want to use their special skills to voluntarily impact on the society. 

Category B

Associate members: Those who are not directly involved but donate to our community work and provide us with other services to ensure the attainment of our goal

Category C

General members: individual members who are interested in what we do and are ready to directly participate in implementing community projects

Category D

Group members: They are members of organizations that are affiliated to us.

To become a member, please contact us to send you our membership forms.

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