Our Programs

Democracy and good governance Advocacy

We promote democratic values through community immersion with our democracy clinic projects, elected representatives performance monitoring scorecard, economic and budget literacy projects, anti-corruption and budget access/transparency campaign, economic policy and budget analysis, campaign for free and fair elections as well as post-election good governance. We try to obtain and circulate information on these to citizens, residents and other core democracy and good governance stakeholders. We align with core stakeholders to demand and promote the rule of law and constitutionalism in a democracy. We believe that our work will also contribute to the eradication of corruption. 

Human Rights and Access to Justice

In any democracy the major test of its quality is the ability of government to guarantee the Human Rights of citizens and residents. In doing so, citizens and residents are allowed inexpensive access to justice. To ensure the protection of rights, we embark on comprehensive Human Rights training for community members and leaders, youths and vulnerable people in the society. We campaigns against state violation of citizens Human and Social Rights, which is perpetrated through torture, brutality and extra judicial killings by state security agencies. We document cases of Human Rights Abuse and partner with national coalitions to put most of them to the attention of elected leaders and policy drivers. We carry out programs and advocacies on justice sector reforms so that all citizens will have access to justice. We Target occupational groups, town unions, community based associations, community artisans, traditional and religious groups. These groups are trained and taken through the process of citizen’s strategic plan to deal with all access to justice and armed violence issues that takes away the rights of citizens. 

Citizens Security and Campaign against Armed Violence

Under this program, we conduct training for citizens and security outfits on the provision of security to citizens using appropriate Human Rights standards. We integrate security training in most of our community empowerment and training programs. We also conduct trainings and campaigns against small arms and light weapons which fuel armed violence and other Human Rights abuses. We use our project “Instance of armed violence” to reach out to all stakeholders. 

Young Peoples Development and Community empowerment

This is a unique approach that enables school pupils to acquire both quality education and special technical skills at the same time. This is aimed at promoting skills acquisition by the youths and elimination of poverty and unemployment among the youths. We also partner with other core stakeholders to advocate for sustainable young people’s development by state. This includes demand for young people’s specific facilities and incorporation of young people in the management of public resources. Young people are the most marginalized in all sphere of our society therefore they require specific attention by government, business and civil society organizations. This we hope will train them as better future leaders and managers. 

Sustainable Energy Reforms Advocacy

Considering the role of sustainable and affordable energy to citizen’s development, we carry out targeted programs on sustainable energy. Through collection of data and analysis we advocate against key issues that can encumber the reform of energy sector in Nigeria and provision of affordable and sustainable energy to communities. We also create community awareness of sustainable use of energy and avoidance of waste at both demand and supply ends. We also campaign against corruption particularly against rural communities and lack of transparency in the management of the energy sector. We conduct, produce and disseminate surveys reports.

Cross cutting to all the programs are gender and vulnerable group empowerment, poverty eradication and development integration. 

Our Strategies

To achieve our visions, mission and objectives, we, in CCIDESOR adopt a balanced and integrated approach to development through but not limited to the following strategies:

  • Empowerment of women and vulnerable citizens
  • Economic literacy and Budget Advocacy 
  • Energy advocacy
  • Democracy education and strategic support for CBOs/CBAs/ occupational and professional groups
  • Advocacy for free and quality basic education for all Citizens
  • Environmental education and multi sector research
  • Promotion of voluntary and community development devotion
  • Energy and sustainable water advocacy

In adopting these strategies, CCIDESOR believes that Citizens should be made ready to participate in all processes of development so that both ownership and capacity are developed simultaneously.  The environment must be safe to accommodate and sustain development so that citizens are not endangered.

Therefore, an organic relationship between Citizens, development and environment will make poverty and illiteracy extinct and promote public commitment to Human Rights protection. There exist a causal relationship between illiteracy, poverty and poor environment.  An integrated harmonious effort by the state and citizens to address these societal menaces will generate optimum result.  

Our Method of Work:

  • Gender Education and advocacy
  • Economic and budget literacy (EBL)
  • Democracy education (DEDU) and social rights based approach (SORBA)
  • Environmental education and Literacy (EEDL)
  • Specialized and general Campaign against all obstacles to free ,compulsory and quality basic education (FCQBE)
  • Facilitate the development of Community organizations, town unions, occupational groups, association, Media groups and new /weak NGOs ( DECOTU)
  • Media Empowerment and outreach (MEO).
  • Action research, publication and dissemination of development information to all stakeholders.(ARPD)
  • Partnership and networking. (PANET)
  • Specialized community empowerment through volunteers (CETVO)
  • Community development alert (CDA)
  • Network and coalition participation and support (NCPS)

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