Strengthening the capacity of community groups and associations in southeast Nigeria to promote public accountability, participate in the political process and protect their democratic rights.

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This performance assessment project is intended to provide operational guide for running community-based performance and project monitoring actions along with the community Democracy Clinics being implemented in three states of the southeast. This strategy summaries the context, objectives, and sequencing of tasks for community-based leaders performance monitoring.  It also details the process of bottom up accountability and updating of communities at minimal or no cost. 

No To Increase In Pump Price of Petroleum Products – It Is a Threat to the People

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A text of the media briefing  issues organized by Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights - CCIDESOR.


The Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights wishes to advice and appeal to federal government and its conniving state governors to rescind the plan to increase the petroleum pump price by the beginning of 2012.

Making Democracy Work in the Rural Communities

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Ccidesor In Partnership With Abia, Anambra And Imo Communities Launched Community Development And Democracy Vanguard



  1. Due to lack of democracy dividend and threat that corruption poses to democracy in Nigeria ,CCIDESOR in partnership with rural communities  in Abia,Ananmbra, Imo have established  Community Democracy and Developmt empowering community groups and members on how to make democracy work in their community  and as well ensure protection of human rights.This will be achieved through elected Representatives performance,monitoring and governance watch. This vanguard  is a product of series of Democracy Clinic project mounted by CCIDESOR with support from NED to bridge the seeming gap betweeen the people and their elected leaders. It is also a platform that is meant  to raise awareness on development challenge facing different  South East communities and how elected leaders can solve those problems  and improve the lives  and livelihood of those the are representing. The vanguard will be interested in discouraging act of corruption which is the biggest threat to democracy.

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