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"Freedom, Social and Economic Progress"

Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights (CCIDESOR) is a registered non-profit, non governmental, non-partisan, non ethnic and non–religious organization established to facilitate the attainment of social freedom, Human Rights, good governance and sustainable grassroots development in Nigeria.

Stay Informed about CCIDESOR

Our Method of Work

At CCIDESOR, we have a balanced and excellent methods of work

Gender Education and advocacy

Economic and budget literacy (EBL)

Democracy education (DEDU) and social rights based approach (SORBA)

Environmental education and Literacy (EEDL)

Specialized and general Campaign against all obstacles to free ,compulsory and quality basic education (FCQBE)

Facilitate the development of Community organizations, town unions, occupational groups, association, Media groups and new /weak NGOs ( DECOTU)

Media Empowerment and outreach (MEO)

Action research, publication and dissemination of development information to all stakeholders.(ARPD)

Partnership and networking. (PANET)

Specialized community empowerment through volunteers (CETVO)

Community development alert (CDA)

Network and coalition participation and support (NCPS)

Latest Events

At CCIDESOR, we organise and partake in various events to propagate and herald our vision and mission. Our latest events include: