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Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights is a membership organization. Our members are core professional volunteers from diverse field. They include lawyers, doctors, public health workers, journalists, engineers, surveyors, accountants, economists, bankers, agriculturists, academics, cultural experts, Human Rights Activists among others with inherited cultural skills.

The professional membership of CCIDESOR is a gateway to reaching the communities and providing support without creating additional challenges for them.

Support Us

Communities, young men and women in remote areas, Who live below poverty line need support to get out poverty and reclaim their rights. They need hand on skills training, Human Rights knowledge, advocacy skills and courage, economic literacy and how to protect their community members against armed violence and harm.

You can make a great difference with little donation to support a community, a girl or a boy or a group of persons who you may wish to adopt and monitor his/her progress while working out of difficulty. We will enable you to contact the recipient directly or act as a facilitator. All contributions, donations in kind and cash will be published on our website as well as on our journals, annual statement of account, expenditure details and other supporting documentations which will also be forwarded to the donors annually.

The following areas require support:

A School to skill training. This requires an annual donation of $200 per child to undertake skill training on computers, mechanical repairs, fashion, food processing and packaging, wielding, building, furniture making or any areas of her choice of the choice of the donor. The training is designed for 3 years for in-school poor children at primary four to senior secondary three during their long vacation or holidays. The proceeds from the training will enable the child to save money for his or higher education. The training will take place within the community or the nearest neighborhood. It is a unique approach that enables school pupils to acquire both quality education and special technical skills at the same time. This is aimed at promoting skills acquisition by the youths and elimination of poverty and unemployment among the youths as well as unemployment induced insecurity and risky behaviours.

All dry season farming for Women Income empowerment. This is a program designed for poor women and widows who require additional support to train their children particularly girl’s child to school. In most patriarchal communities in Nigeria, the training of the girl child is not taken seriously and where they are allowed to school they are mostly left to the mothers. More than 10,000 families are therefore led by poor women who will use the opportunity of dry season farming of vegetables to complement what they get from rainy season farming. The fund required will vary according to the type of crop to be produced. An average of $1000 is required to support a women annually for two years to become sustainable as all season farmer. Dry season yields are more income generating than rainy season yields.

Provision of water and sanitation in a community market. Over 200 medium size markets don’t have water supply and clean environment for sustainable participation in economic transaction by poor rural dwellers. In many cases, trading in a very unclean market is the major source of diseases and health challenges which eventually incapacitates the individual from becoming productive. Providing safe and clean market environment will encourage rural dwellers to participate more and earn more income. Provision of water and sanitation facilities in each market that serves over 4000 persons, will cost $4000.

Health Care Support. Most communities don’t have functional health centers. They require basic diagnostics equipment’s like blood pressure checks, sugar check among others to prevent health challenges and preventable death due to lack of diagnostics. Each community will require $2000 for centralized equipment for free checks. This will save a lot of lives of poor rural dwellers.

For other types of support to communities or our organizational development, please contact us directly to have access to the prospective beneficiaries. You may be doing a great deal of positive change for the society, if you give a helping hand. You can support us by issuing a cheque in the name of Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights or paying directly by wire transfer or by online donation. You can also visit our office if you want to know more about our process or a special intervention you want to make through Citizen’s Centre.

Note: Pursuant to the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, (MI (P) A ) 2011, Anti Money Laundering Measures Are Observed by CCIDESOR

For further inquiries and collection of bank details, contact: The Fund Manager: Citizens Centre foe Integrated Development and Social Rights CCIDESOR, 30 Mbari Street, Ikenegbu Layout, Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria. P.O Box 7338, Aladinma, Owerri.

Email: cintegratedev@yahoo.co.uk, Telephone: 234 0(8) 103268725.

Your support will be properly accounted for in accordance to our accounting rules or your terms of accounting. Thank you for supporting

Our Staff

Ms. Nnenna Juliet Onyenoha

Executive Director

Ms. Nnenna Juliet Onyenoha, the Executive Director of Citizens Centre For Integrated Development and Social Rights – CCIDESOR. She is a Gender Rights and good governance advocate with additional experience in Public Administration for effective governance work. She is a Graduate of Sociology from University of Abuja. She comes with over 9 years of experience in Civil Society works and Human Resource management both in private and civil society sectors. Her work and knowledge in different parts of Nigeria brings additional edge and stability to CCIDESOR’s work to realize its vision. She is widely traveled, compassionate and result oriented.